A blog, seriously?

“A blog, seriously?”

Those were my first thoughts when I made this website. I was sitting in the library, trying to work on one of my never ending research paper assignments, when suddenly the idea came into my mind, “maybe I should make a blog.” It was one of those lazy afternoons wherein I just have exhausted my mind out of all the concepts and ideas I could come up with for my research paper. I was done. I was looking for a way to somehow stop my mind from justĀ thinking–yet that was all that I did.

And now here I am, writing my first blog post. I aspire to be a thinker, that is what this blog is all about. But you know what they say, “two is better than one” or “the more the merrier.” So come join me in my journey of endless wondering, thinking, and with one simple idea at a time, let’s get lost in the train of thought.