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Whenever I hear people say, “I gave him/her everything,” the first thing that comes to my mind is that, “Why? You should have saved something for yourself.”

But recently, I learned that you don’t really know you have given them everything until it’s all done. Giving someone your everything is not an all-at-once big moment; it is a gradual process where you give them parts of you little by little: your attention, your time, your affection, your love. The process is so slow and gradual–and fulfilling at the time–to the point where it leaves you basically unable to “save some for yourself” because it doesn’t feel like you’re giving anything at all–it just feels like you’re loving someone.

Ironically, it’s kind of like that famous saying, “you don’t know what you have until it’s gone.”

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All gone

After all was said and done, it’s that lingering stillness that keeps haunting me. It’s not even when I think about all the good times that we shared, or the bad times that we had. It’s that quiet moment when I wake up in the morning that makes the loudest noise; it’s that state of being anxiously aware of the clock ticking away at night.

It’s the emptiness I feel when everything and everyone are all gone–a hollow void in my mind, or my soul, or my heart–I can’t seem to pinpoint. It’s when I want to feel something but am unable to, maybe because of subconscious suppression or from becoming numb, I don’t know.IMG_7814