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When in Bora

15940742_10206247102096129_4390377124020398271_nBefore the year ended, I was blessed enough to be able to visit the Philippines for the first time since moving to Canada six years ago. And man, it was, by far, one of the best vacations I have ever had in my whole life. However, the most memorable part of the trip, at least for me, would have to be Boracay.

We were able to visit the beautiful island of Boracay and enjoy the powder-like white sand the beach has to offer. We stayed at a private resort and got a view of the island like no other while sunbathing by the poolside with frozen margaritas in our hands. One of the most unforgettable experiences I’ve had in Boracay would have to be our pub crawl experience. It was truly a wild, crazy, and fun-filled night.

For the first time in my life, I got drunk, or maybe just a little bit tipsy. For the most part, I remember how the night unfolded: we met at the rooftop of a Greek restaurant, met a bunch of people, had a couple of shots and cocktails before moving on to the next bar, a lot of small talk, and some flirting and attempts for conversation over the loud, and I say loud music, and what not. Even though I went to this event with a group, we ended up meeting a couple of nice people whom we pretty much spend most of the night with. As the event’s motto says, “turning strangers into friends.”

It wasn’t until we were at this very last bar that I felt the alcohol working its magic in me. A friend of mine bought our whole group a shot of Bacardi 151 to celebrate her upcoming birthday. Until then, I didn’t feel intoxicated at all–I felt normal. I remember pretty well how this one guy that we met kept asking me if I was still doing okay, and I kept saying that I was. But after downing that Bacardi, and a couple more other shots, I started to feel drowsy and dizzy and I could feel my control over my body and myself slowly slipping away. A couple more minutes later, I knew I was gone when I just wouldn’t stop talking.

I have never partied like that–dancing and screaming and shouting “yeah!” and whatever chants we seemed to be hollering–nor have I ever drunk as much as I did that night in my whole life. I only started drinking when I moved to BC in the summer of 2016 and I’ve never had more than three drinks. But during that pub crawl, I don’t even know how many shots I have taken. My friend told me that we didn’t really drink that much, but for me, it was enough to drive my immune system crazy because the next morning, my whole upper body was covered with rashes, which didn’t go away until three days later.

Through all that partying, I realized a couple of things. One, that I’m glad I did it with friends whom I trust completely to lookout for me and take care of me. There were a couple of instances wherein some guys would just not get a hint and just grind all over you, partly because they were intoxicated, and partly because they were in the zone and were just having fun. Also, I’m glad I did it and met people who, at least for that night, became our friends and had fun with. Finally, I also realized that I am never getting drunk again, because those rashes looked pretty ugly, not to mention they were very itchy.