Life in General

Going back

I think it’s been roughly a year now when I (subconciously) made the decision (if that even makes any sense) to start living my life with a more “go with the flow” or “happy go lucky” kind of approach in life, not completely, but almost entirely. And for the most part, it’s been awesome, it’s been fun–not having to think too much ahead, or plan and what not. It’s so cliche, but it felt really good to be “living the life in the moment.” It was a very welcomed change.

But lately I started feeling more like my old self again, particularly with my hobbies and interests, with my dreams and aspirations for the future. And to help me realize those plans and goals, those dreams and aspirations, even though it may seem very trivial and insignificant, I started buying and reading books again, books that are one way or another related to history, or political philosophy. It’s comparable, at least I would like to believe, to taking one more step forward, a step which I hope will help me in my future endeavours.